Telephone Telepath Records


We are a DIY record label based in Atlanta, GA. Our model is simple. We provide a platform for our artists to share their unfiltered music with the world utilizing custom promotional packaging designed by our professionals. We have little regard for production standardization. Instead, we focus on capturing ideas in the moment and rarely go back to fine tune them once recorded. Our goal is to document creative impulses as they come from the artists and preserve them in a highly visible, attractive and accessable format for demoing purposes. We are a living, breathing sonic sketchpad.

Featured Artists

  • Black Diamond Twins
  • Ryan 404
  • Bully
  • The Parallelograms
  • Petmaps


  • Country Time Recordings
  • Crestline Studios
  • 1899 Dynasty
  • Cubic Studio


  • 88.5
  • Creative Loafing
  • Atlanta N 5
  • The Earl