Telephone Telepath Records


From the baseless and less puritanical influences of either band member, Black Diamond Twins dig up some more tolerable fossil fuel to go one more mile. Here are a couple of guys who don't really know what the Hell they are doing but somehow make enough material to keep us interested. Bygone are the days of waking up on a freezing floor after a night of excessive drinking and half-assed recording stunts. We can tell these guys are moving forward, one disastrous step at a time.

Black Diamond Twins

Guitar + Vocals : Alex Wright
Bass + Guitar : Malcolm Bentley
Lead Guitar : Ryan "Soy Bonzai" Foster
Mastering : Floyd Fishel


"A raw and guttural lurch or some mechanism somewhere near the South Pole of a broken soul." - Jason King

"A fist full of unfinished starts and stops. I felt like I was being beaten with a fried chicken leg.
Can't wait to hear more!"
- Scott Rogers

"Pathetic testimonials, dope ass beats." - Courtney Hale

"You can't rape the willing..." - Scotty Elmore

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