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Old Friends New Tides / Live Outtakes - VOL. 1

When guitarists Ryan Foster and Alex Wright met at university they had no idea they were embarking on a twenty year music induced, not to mention delusional, acid trip. Foster quickly introduced Wright to several local friends who had "loose hi-fi aspirations" and rounded up old compatriot Chris Klat to sit in on drums during those long wretched nights of simply learning how to play their instruments. "We had no idea what the fuck we were doing and we still don't. But we have fun drinking beer and making a mess of our evenings once a week". At the time, bassist Matt Diorio was sitting in on some of their impromptu noise sessions where eventually they would find themselves doing hack-job recordings at Crestline Studios with soon to be new member Malcolm Bentley. Over the years Crestline has played host to an array of characters bearing a mélange of both beautiful and grotesque instruments and artifacts passing for musical equipment. Luckily, today nothing has changed. There are a few core members hovering near the center but the original Button Fiction pack has spawned several spinoff projects including Black Diamond Twins, Golden Pussy Sun Gods, and Petmaps.

Button Fiction

Guitar + Vocals :Alex Wright, Ryan Foster
Bass + Guitar : Malcolm Bentley
Lead Guitar : Ryan "Soy Bonzai" Foster
Lead Guitar 2 : Nicholas "Little Niki"
Drums : Chris Klat
Mastering : None

2006 - 2011

"Rubbish." - Stomp & Stammer

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