Telephone Telepath Records

This Love Never Breaks EP

More schizophrenic dance dialogue from BDT. They have removed their fingerprints entirely from the equation, giving us alien, otherworldly sounds to mull over with less noise-rock mediation. And it's a revelation. The music’s as muscular as ever, it's just more efficient—maximalist minimalism?—and no matter how many times you listen to these six tracks, you discover previously unlit corners. Unlike the past compositions, there's no levity or moments to catch your breath: Each song's pile of colorful synthesizers and deep, dark percussion adds up to a go-for-broke anthem, and they obviously haven't reached their limit. The way the duo's learned to layer and accrue detail, you get the sense that these whirling, pulsing pieces could snowball endlessly, growing larger and more beautiful each second, blowing off the roof only to diagram the sky. Too bad they don't know how to record vocals properly yet.

Black Diamond Twins

Guitar + Vocals : Alex Wright
Bass + Guitar : Malcolm Bentley
Lead Guitar : Ryan "Soy Bonzai" Foster
Mastering : Floyd Fishel


"These songs made me want to clean my apartment" - Jill Mason

"These guys are idiots" - A hipster dude at Nonis

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