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With their self proclaimed "Schizophrenic Dance Dialogue" genre, Telephone Telepath Records has grown a new tenticle in the form of experimental noise-pop artist California Chrome.
In a recent chat with the Atlanta based duo "I am whatever you say I am.". California Chrome is the musical project of multidiciplinary artist Alexander Wright. An Atlanta native, Alex has a background in visual art and design but his musical interests are purely coincidental. Operating out of his barn with fellow artist Ryan Foster and one half of the experimental duo Black Diamond Twins he started his own DIY labels called Telephone Telepath Records and Banana Split Records with minimal ties to the Atlanta music scene. His sketches can be described as unfinished, raw, and urgent but also garnish a refreshing twist on electronic sub genres. He considers Underworld to be one of his biggest influences as well as Animal Collective, Mother Love Bone, Bob Dylan, and The Doors.

California Chrome

Keys, Vocals, Guitar: California Chrome
All music written and recorded by:
California Chrome


"What am I looking at here?" - Facebook User

"Bro! That shit is awesome - like no kidding...I love it! " - Taylor Long

"Your music is boss, I like it! (what’s up Erlend Øye)" - DJCAZ10

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