Telephone Telepath Records

Sex Vigilante

Sex Vigilante feels like the more reflective counterpart to its predecessor, starting off feeling almost like a skimming off the top of LP’s drippy reverb and haunting vocals courtesy of Dom's break-neck butchering of any standard chord playing style. Brand's knack for enhancing the gritty underbelly of his sounds comes through more clearly as the album proceeds, particularly on the strange and swollen sounds of “Run Boy Run” or the more bass-infused bite of “Love Damage.” And this amalgamation of sounds old and new makes perfect sense given the bands trajectory over the last releases on TEL - REC, but the title track is startlingly accessible, uptempo, and melodic — it’s built around a jaunty, light electro drum pattern and dreamy IDM pads along with Dom's breathy vocals.

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Production :Dom Fortier
Bass : Dom Fortier
Drums : Elena Brand
Vocals + Song Writing: Ted Freizen
Mastering : Floyd "Fish" Fishel


"Run boy run" - Kile Edwards

"More please..." - James Theis